12 excercises

These 12 Exercises Is All You Need To Get Into Shape

The most effective circular training you do not need much time or special equipment.

The end of the year is coming, and with him the period of pre-Christmas madness, which will bring peaceful holidays and traditional festivity, but we do not have to have remorse, because everything will be different from 1 January. We start eating healthy, we will practice (of course regularly), we buy a permici fitta …. Who would train in December when there is no time.

Let’s pour pure wine (before you begin to laugh through the egg and make sweets :-)). It’s the same for 12 months – either do it or not. Why lose a month by waiting for the spinning sponge of champagne to change?

New Year will not change if you do not change anything.

What about quitting the planned New Year’s resolution and starting now. Eat three times a week the stress of shopping for Christmas presents with a short circle? In addition to endorphins, you can also look for better blood flow to brainwave … and finally, you can devise a good gift for your half.

Those who are already athletes are at least not out of the way, and those who have just planned a January attack on the couch on the couch can get a solid base in January for a restart in January.

Come along with us to try a circular workout during which you practice all the main muscles. You do not need any tools, just the weight of your own body.

This round training was coached by Brett Klika and Chris Jordan at the  Human Performance Institute in Orlando 

Its advantage is that it not only  shapes the body, improves metabolic processes in the body, effectively burns fats, but also increases the strength and VO2 Max.

If you include this training regularly three times a week, you can also count on improving your sensitivity to insulin. This is important for people who, due to frequent carbohydrate consumption, have developed insulin resistance (which results in people failing to burn fat even when reducing calories in the diet).

BOARDThere are 12 exercises (hits) where each practice is repeated 15x to 20x . Approximately 30 seconds are specified for each location.

In order for the effect to be maximal, it is recommended to follow very short pauses (approximately 10 seconds). One circuit will go for about 7 minutes. You should practice three times a week – after the day of exercise, always a day of pause. For the first week or two, you can cross the circle only twice, then increase to 3 rounds.

Think of it’s going to be a HIGH INTENSITY exercise, no beach slopes.

run outBut you do not have to worry about it – the exercises are designed to alternate exercises involving different muscle groups – the upper or lower half of the body, or a whole body exercise.

If one exercise is more static, it is replaced by a practice that will really kick you up.

combustion plants

Circular training for maximum results

Jumping jacks – the whole body


He sits in a squat against the wall – the lower half of the body


squatting against the wall

Cranks – the upper half of the body



Crosscutters – the center of the body



Outputs on the chair – the entire body


Outputs on the chair


Swings – lower half of the body



Triceps cranks on the chair – the upper half of the body


triceps handles

Plank – center of the body



Run in place with high knees – the whole body


high knee

Drainage – lower half of the body


waste 3

Cranks with rotation – center and upper half of the body


click with rotation


Side board – center

side board

What’s next?

Within a few weeks you can intensify individual exercises. Just use another slope of the body, choose a heavier variant of the planks, add squats to squats, use balance pads ….

balance pads

squatcrank intensityinch boardintense bp
Fantasies are not limited. Just keep in mind that it is good to move distant muscle groups and not forget about stretching.