Best Exercises To Strengthen Flabby Arms

We have chosen the best for you to strengthen and shape triceps and biceps.

What we’re going to mock, Triceps does not get much jerk. Triceps is occasionally called public transport muscle. Maybe you also know – while holding sticks in public transport, something sprawling is hanging or squirming freely on the underside of your arms.

No wonder. Most people who reinforce their arms here will focus more on biceps, which then enthralled when they are to “show” the state of their muscles.

However, the biceps make up only one-third of the size of the hand, so biceps strokes shape a bit, but the arms continue to act poorly.

How to strengthen your arms

If you want a nice-shaped arm, ideally combine the series with triceps and biceps , starting with a series of triceps exercises (yet you have the head 3 and you should do it well).

Before exercising, give yourself enough time to warm up your muscles, not to end with any injuries. Do not exaggerate the load at the beginning, and keep running smoothly. If you want to read more about how to gain muscles effectively, you can continue here.

Stack of best triceps exercises

Click triceps

Classic handles where your hands are exactly wide-shouldered. Keep elbows close to the hips (do not aim anywhere). The triceps are quite difficult, so do not forget to warm up to keep your muscles from getting damaged !!!

If your classical exercises are too easy for you, you can carry even more stress on your triceps by moving your hands forward. Performing the exercise is beautifully seen in the following video

Rear (triceps) clicks

Place your hands on a chair, bench, or step and adjust the difficulty with your feet. The further away from the body, the more challenging the exercise, the closer, the easier it is. Hold your hands about the width of your shoulders, keep your shoulders naturally, your back straight and keep your neck from being “buried” in your shoulders.

Rear crank with legs up


Rear click in one hand

French pressures

Lie on a straight bench, feet apart about the width of your shoulders. Grab a straight barbell (can also be used with dumbbells), your forearms perpendicular to the body, and slow, controlled movement to lower the dumbbell. Movement should only come out of the elbows, the upper arm remains in the perpendicular with the floor.

Start the trigger by touching the forehead (do not overload with the risk of
choking the dumbbell on your face !!!) Push the dumbbell back to the starting position.

Girls or beginners can choose a lighter version of lying down with a small load.

Triceps extensions with one-handed dumbbell

Hold it with both hands, the starting position is such that you hold the dumbbell in the extended arms above your head. It’s better to do a sit-up to keep your loins. Run the head behind by shaking hands in the elbows until the triceps reach the maximum position of the dumbbell.

Be careful not to bend in the berms.

Kick-back – one of the best exercises for triceps shaping, especially for women, or for drawing.

Kick-back is the best practice in the cage on the bench. 
Bend your right leg down with your knee on the bench, with your right hand extended against the bench.
Lightly bend your left foot, grab a single-handed dumbbell in your left hand, select a hammer grip (the thumb of the hand points to the body, the back of the hand from the body).
Strengthen the abdominal muscles, it is important to have a straight back and not move in the shoulders.

Lift the upper left upper arm so that it is parallel to the body (an angle of 90 degrees should be at the elbow), the forearm pointing vertically down.
With the exhale, pull the left hand with the elbow in the elbow until it is stretched. Then return to the base position with the exhale. The arm and elbow remain fixed all the time!

Kickbacks are sometimes done without a bench, but the movement is not so intense and controlled.

You can find triceps exercises, of course, much more, you can use pulling pulleys, trx , or rubber expanders. 

You can find more inspiration in many videos on youtube.

Tips on strengthening biceps

Probably the most popular exercise is biceps strokes .

If lifting a large dumbbell in a standing position, it is good to change the width of the grip . If the grip is wider than the shoulder width, you will be more burdened by the short, inner head, and if you select a narrower grip, you will be burdening the outer head more. If there is a grip on the shoulder width, both heads develop equally.

Big boobs will be mainly for boys because boys do not want maxi biceps and will stay with lighter effects with more repetitions.

Relatively popular are the so-called twenty -sevens – when seven stroke repetitions alternate from the bottom to the mid range, then seven repetitions from half the exercise range and finally seven strokes across the range.

Finally, I recommend adding hammer strokes with dumbbells that will strengthen the deep muscular arm.


Your forearms are best exercised by biceps stroke.

At the end of arm reinforcement, be sure to stretch thoroughly.

Do not forget that stiffening is nothing to you if you undermine your diet.

12 excercises

These 12 Exercises Is All You Need To Get Into Shape

The most effective circular training you do not need much time or special equipment.

The end of the year is coming, and with him the period of pre-Christmas madness, which will bring peaceful holidays and traditional festivity, but we do not have to have remorse, because everything will be different from 1 January. We start eating healthy, we will practice (of course regularly), we buy a permici fitta …. Who would train in December when there is no time.

Let’s pour pure wine (before you begin to laugh through the egg and make sweets :-)). It’s the same for 12 months – either do it or not. Why lose a month by waiting for the spinning sponge of champagne to change?

New Year will not change if you do not change anything.

What about quitting the planned New Year’s resolution and starting now. Eat three times a week the stress of shopping for Christmas presents with a short circle? In addition to endorphins, you can also look for better blood flow to brainwave … and finally, you can devise a good gift for your half.

Those who are already athletes are at least not out of the way, and those who have just planned a January attack on the couch on the couch can get a solid base in January for a restart in January.

Come along with us to try a circular workout during which you practice all the main muscles. You do not need any tools, just the weight of your own body.

This round training was coached by Brett Klika and Chris Jordan at the  Human Performance Institute in Orlando 

Its advantage is that it not only  shapes the body, improves metabolic processes in the body, effectively burns fats, but also increases the strength and VO2 Max.

If you include this training regularly three times a week, you can also count on improving your sensitivity to insulin. This is important for people who, due to frequent carbohydrate consumption, have developed insulin resistance (which results in people failing to burn fat even when reducing calories in the diet).

BOARDThere are 12 exercises (hits) where each practice is repeated 15x to 20x . Approximately 30 seconds are specified for each location.

In order for the effect to be maximal, it is recommended to follow very short pauses (approximately 10 seconds). One circuit will go for about 7 minutes. You should practice three times a week – after the day of exercise, always a day of pause. For the first week or two, you can cross the circle only twice, then increase to 3 rounds.

Think of it’s going to be a HIGH INTENSITY exercise, no beach slopes.

run outBut you do not have to worry about it – the exercises are designed to alternate exercises involving different muscle groups – the upper or lower half of the body, or a whole body exercise.

If one exercise is more static, it is replaced by a practice that will really kick you up.

combustion plants

Circular training for maximum results

Jumping jacks – the whole body


He sits in a squat against the wall – the lower half of the body


squatting against the wall

Cranks – the upper half of the body



Crosscutters – the center of the body



Outputs on the chair – the entire body


Outputs on the chair


Swings – lower half of the body



Triceps cranks on the chair – the upper half of the body


triceps handles

Plank – center of the body



Run in place with high knees – the whole body


high knee

Drainage – lower half of the body


waste 3

Cranks with rotation – center and upper half of the body


click with rotation


Side board – center

side board

What’s next?

Within a few weeks you can intensify individual exercises. Just use another slope of the body, choose a heavier variant of the planks, add squats to squats, use balance pads ….

balance pads

squatcrank intensityinch boardintense bp
Fantasies are not limited. Just keep in mind that it is good to move distant muscle groups and not forget about stretching.


7 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes

1You have a low-quality diet with a lack of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Fastfoods, industrially processed foods, full grains, a lot of white flour and refined sugar, alcohol, lack of fiber and other mistakes will eliminate the bacteria already mentioned in your gut. A balanced, varied diet is the basis for success.  It’s nothing that you push thousands of crowns into extras, but you do not buy fresh quality food.

2 In the long run, you have insufficient protein intake

For picking, you should move about 1.8 g of protein per kilogram of pure body weight(your fat-free weight). Someone with proteins, on the other hand, in an effort to quickly overwhelm. This is not the way for success. Unnecessarily, it only puts the body down and the excess protein is eliminated from the body. You should eat protein especially in high-quality food (meat, eggs, dairy products, plus some vegetable sources – legumes, quinoa, amarant …). Protein beverages should be used primarily after training as a source of fast protein.

Beware of the error I encounter most often with my clients when setting up proteins : that something contains xx grams of protein according to the calorie tables does not mean that you are absorbed and converted into muscles ;-).

It is an extreme difference when you give your whey protein and if you like the lens itself. If you want to really get it efficiently, you need to orient yourself in the speed of absorption, bioavailability, absorption, and the right amino acid spectrum of proteins.

(see )

3You have no proteins spread throughout the day

Many people eat it purely carbohydrate breakfast and protein intake (the night they dig a protein and eat a large portion of meat). Try to have proteins evenly arranged for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4 You are driving on a sweet.

Many ectomorphists feel that they can throw unlimited candies, biscuits, overcoats, and white bread in one. While it is true that ectomorphs do not tend to coat with the fast fat layer, however, frequent abrupt fluctuations in the blood sugar level adversely affect insulin sensitivity. So prefer low-glycemic complex carbohydrates (rice, flakes, potatoes, whole grain bread, quinoa …).

Use quick sugars at times when you want to trigger an insulin response (after a workout or with some specific supplements). If you are interested in the recommended daily dose of carbohydrates, it is 4-7 g carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. The amount will vary individually according to the somatotype and total energy yield.

5 You do not have the right timing and do not use the anabolic window after exercise

After training, it is necessary to deliver a combination of fast protein and carbohydrates. If you expect to add proteins and carbohydrates x hours, you will slow regeneration, muscle growth and glycogen supplementation.


6 You do not have enough good fat intake

Lack of fat affects hormone production. Avoid burned fats and stiffened trans fats in a variety of sweets (biscuits, topping, chocolate, low-quality …). Focus in the diet primarily on enough omega 3 (fatty fish, flaxseeds, walnuts …).

7 Overwhelm it with supplements

I know boys who take up tens of grams of creatine every year. They buy pre-training, training and nutrition supplements. Without a quality menu they are nothing. Not to mention that they often buy non-absorbable forms, or underestimate the synergistic effect of combining individual supplements.

Before you buy anything, take the time to learn about sports nutrition and supplements. It saves you a lot of money. Plus, it’s important to know the difference between protein isolate and night protein with casein, or it’s good to be able to play with individual amino acids (some help with muscle building, some with immunity, others lessen the kneading during training). Even in the case of add-ons, timing is important for training.

Keep in mind that some supplements affect certain processes in the body.

Take creatine monohydrate , which is one of the most popular nutritional supplements for muscle growth. For its maximum effect, it is not enough to study just dosing or information on how to cycle it. You should also know that creatine holds water in your muscles. It is therefore important not to give up the drinking regime and not to overdo it with caffeine. When creatine supplementation is important it is also important to know that fast carbohydrates are taken. If you add to creatine, such as glucose, you will increase creatine use by about 50%.

This was just a small example of why it is important to know something about supplementation. Sports supplements can greatly help in gaining muscle, but in ignorance they will only relieve your wallet, in the worst case you will hurt them.


Remember that the minerals and vitamins (vitamins C, B, D, zinc, magnesium …) should always be the basis of the supplementation pyramid, as well as high-quality proteins, possibly omega-3s and basic amino acids. Then creatine supplements.

A little advice at the end. If you want to make it clear in nutrition, stop relying on a good advice from fitness buddies or passing commentaries and stormy discussions of bodybuilders on the internet. Either read some fitness books nutrition or take our  course on sports nutrition . Save the sea of ​​time and money.

7 biggest mistakes in muscle mass recovery

Do you build, build and muscle mass does not come? Avoid the most common mistakes that prevent you from getting muscles.

The overwhelming majority of people who decide to start strengthening are committing unnecessary mistakes. The result is liter of sweat, painful body and miserable results.


You must have registered that there are quite a few people who can pick up the volume. They pick up a dumbbell a few times and have muscles like Arnold. And then there are individuals who do not increase their muscles. This is due to the ratio of fast and slow muscle fibers – it just depends on whether you were born as an endomorph, which has a more robust figure from nature, has more fast muscle fibers that are bulkier or you are at the other end – you are an ectomorph destined for endurance sports.

Most people will be somewhere in between. Perhaps you now envy the endomorphs with their advantage in gaining muscle, but each coin has two sides. Endomorphs easily pick up muscle, but also quickly pick up fat.


We do not do much about genetics, so let’s take a look at what you can do and avoid mistakes to get muscle gains in the most effective way.

Error 1 – practice with low intensity

Dozens of repetitions of a low-load exercise lead to an increase in stamina but you can forget about the volume. You have to add a load. If you want to maximally stimulate growth hormone production, it is best to keep yourself in a range of 8 to 12 repetitions (that is, the number of repetitions you perform in the series before you run into failure). In practice, the intensity of the exercise will most often be between 65% and 85% of your maximum.

As for the number of series, the beginner is just three, the more advanced he can handle more.
Adding a load is not just about lifting heavier dumbbells. You can also intensify training with the weight of your own body.

We will look at some other articles on the appropriate exercises and the possibilities to add weight even without going into fitness.

Error 2 – Focus on isolated exercises

Most beginners build their muscles as the first to strengthen biceps, stretching, truncation, various trenches, tripping, pulley pulls and other similar drawing exercises. These are all isolated exercises.

Remember that the basis of success in picking is to perform complex so-called multi-articulated exercises (squats, chins, bench press support, dead move, etc.) . These exercises involve more muscle fibers, and you will achieve higher levels of anabolic hormones.

shybyError 3 – Overdrive it with the length of your workout

For volume, it is necessary not to underestimate the effects of growth hormone and testosterone. The first step to increasing testosterone levels is short training sessions lasting 45 minutes, up to 60 minutes. After about 30 minutes of intense training, the level is maximum and then begins to fall. If you stretch your training for more than an hour, you can count on the body releasing the hormone cortisol and catabolic processes.

testosteroneError 4 – do not give your muscles time to regenerate

Muscles do not form when you strengthen, but when you rest. After stimulation by appropriate training, regeneration must follow. You need to give the body enough nutrients and time to focus on muscle building.  Practiced muscles are good to let them rest for about 48 hours.

Especially for ectomorphs, less is more. Practice briefly, intensively and do not overdo it with training frequency. 
If you are a beginner, practice the whole body three times a week. Gradually, you can go to training two muscular games in one day.

Error 5 – you do not sleep long enough

Quality sleep is probably the most important part of regeneration. Remember, the greatest amount of growth hormone is released during sleep. Spend more than 6 hours a day, ideally 8-10. This will ensure sufficient growth hormone production during sleep.

sleepError 6 – Do not deal with stress

Eliminating stress is not always easy. Work, family, everyday hurry … all of this causes us to raise our level of stress hormones. And such a cortisol is a nice asshole. Those who try to lose weight block the possibility of using fats efficiently. Those who strengthen, sabotage the growth of matter.

Decreasing stress can be done not only by meditations, massages, etc., but you can also use natural supplements such as stoves or vitania. Both of these herbs are among adaptogens, which also improve overall sports performance. Just look at the content of favorite elite athletes’ add-ons (retibol, optygen …).

There are, of course, much more adapting genes (cordyceps, reishi, eleuterokok), so choose what to choose from. Each of these natural supplements in the body is tuned a bit differently, and it is advisable to overcome them during the year. Some sports accessories adaptogens combine differently, but can be used individually in the form of tinctures or standardized extracts.

optygenError 7 – underestimate your diet

Most people have the biggest reserve in the diet. Dining Room is not just about adding enough protein and carbohydrates to your body. The key is to be able to do everything right in terms of training. Know when to use fast carbohydrates and fast protein and when you slow. Be aware that what you eat is largely influenced by leaching hormones. Whether we are talking about insulin, growth hormone or testosterone. In addition, nutrition affects the intestinal microflora, which ensures the absorption of nutrients.

Because it is the topic of sports nutrition for more articles, I will now list only a few of the most common mistakes.

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