7 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes

1You have a low-quality diet with a lack of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Fastfoods, industrially processed foods, full grains, a lot of white flour and refined sugar, alcohol, lack of fiber and other mistakes will eliminate the bacteria already mentioned in your gut. A balanced, varied diet is the basis for success.  It’s nothing that you push thousands of crowns into extras, but you do not buy fresh quality food.

2 In the long run, you have insufficient protein intake

For picking, you should move about 1.8 g of protein per kilogram of pure body weight(your fat-free weight). Someone with proteins, on the other hand, in an effort to quickly overwhelm. This is not the way for success. Unnecessarily, it only puts the body down and the excess protein is eliminated from the body. You should eat protein especially in high-quality food (meat, eggs, dairy products, plus some vegetable sources – legumes, quinoa, amarant …). Protein beverages should be used primarily after training as a source of fast protein.

Beware of the error I encounter most often with my clients when setting up proteins : that something contains xx grams of protein according to the calorie tables does not mean that you are absorbed and converted into muscles ;-).

It is an extreme difference when you give your whey protein and if you like the lens itself. If you want to really get it efficiently, you need to orient yourself in the speed of absorption, bioavailability, absorption, and the right amino acid spectrum of proteins.

(see  https://behejsrdcem.com/clanky/kurz-nejen-sportovni-vyzivy/ )

3You have no proteins spread throughout the day

Many people eat it purely carbohydrate breakfast and protein intake (the night they dig a protein and eat a large portion of meat). Try to have proteins evenly arranged for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4 You are driving on a sweet.

Many ectomorphists feel that they can throw unlimited candies, biscuits, overcoats, and white bread in one. While it is true that ectomorphs do not tend to coat with the fast fat layer, however, frequent abrupt fluctuations in the blood sugar level adversely affect insulin sensitivity. So prefer low-glycemic complex carbohydrates (rice, flakes, potatoes, whole grain bread, quinoa …).

Use quick sugars at times when you want to trigger an insulin response (after a workout or with some specific supplements). If you are interested in the recommended daily dose of carbohydrates, it is 4-7 g carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. The amount will vary individually according to the somatotype and total energy yield.

5 You do not have the right timing and do not use the anabolic window after exercise

After training, it is necessary to deliver a combination of fast protein and carbohydrates. If you expect to add proteins and carbohydrates x hours, you will slow regeneration, muscle growth and glycogen supplementation.


6 You do not have enough good fat intake

Lack of fat affects hormone production. Avoid burned fats and stiffened trans fats in a variety of sweets (biscuits, topping, chocolate, low-quality …). Focus in the diet primarily on enough omega 3 (fatty fish, flaxseeds, walnuts …).

7 Overwhelm it with supplements

I know boys who take up tens of grams of creatine every year. They buy pre-training, training and nutrition supplements. Without a quality menu they are nothing. Not to mention that they often buy non-absorbable forms, or underestimate the synergistic effect of combining individual supplements.

Before you buy anything, take the time to learn about sports nutrition and supplements. It saves you a lot of money. Plus, it’s important to know the difference between protein isolate and night protein with casein, or it’s good to be able to play with individual amino acids (some help with muscle building, some with immunity, others lessen the kneading during training). Even in the case of add-ons, timing is important for training.

Keep in mind that some supplements affect certain processes in the body.

Take creatine monohydrate , which is one of the most popular nutritional supplements for muscle growth. For its maximum effect, it is not enough to study just dosing or information on how to cycle it. You should also know that creatine holds water in your muscles. It is therefore important not to give up the drinking regime and not to overdo it with caffeine. When creatine supplementation is important it is also important to know that fast carbohydrates are taken. If you add to creatine, such as glucose, you will increase creatine use by about 50%.

This was just a small example of why it is important to know something about supplementation. Sports supplements can greatly help in gaining muscle, but in ignorance they will only relieve your wallet, in the worst case you will hurt them.


Remember that the minerals and vitamins (vitamins C, B, D, zinc, magnesium …) should always be the basis of the supplementation pyramid, as well as high-quality proteins, possibly omega-3s and basic amino acids. Then creatine supplements.

A little advice at the end. If you want to make it clear in nutrition, stop relying on a good advice from fitness buddies or passing commentaries and stormy discussions of bodybuilders on the internet. Either read some fitness books nutrition or take our  course on sports nutrition . Save the sea of ​​time and money.